Bathroom Renovation: Savvy Design & Upgrade Ideas

Thank you to Holly Keartland for this guest blog.

Just like any home renovation project, a bathroom renovation upgrade should address your mental, physical and even spiritual needs.

However, while undeniably exciting, bathroom renovations can also be overwhelming. Apart from the many factors you need to take into account, it also has the tendency to get costly and time-consuming.
Get your project off to an amazing start by taking the following helpful renovation tips to heart.


If your budget is tight, it will be best not to relocate your pipes. Modifying your pipe arrangement would often entail doing wall repair after. That would mean additional expense as you would need to purchase new tiles for the walls. Unless you have plenty of money to spend, foregoing plumbing modification is a sound and practical idea. It will also mean less hassle as you need not change the original positioning of your tub, toilet and sink.

Decoration and Style

When deciding on the overall look of your bathroom, consider something classic, one that will outlast the next year’s trend or even 10 years after. Choosing the right style entails picking the right color, display pieces and tile patterns.


It is advisable to pick neutral colors for most parts of the bathroom because these shades often add a sense of calmness in the space. To add contrast, throw in some bold hues into the mix so you can give your bathroom a touch of energy and personality.

Keep in mind that the right color schemes will affect your room’s vibrance and overall aesthetic appeal. Examples of good color combinations include teal and white, cream with terra-cotta orange and brown, white with black and red, and beige with white and black.

Looking for something that will add life to your space? Consider adding bathroom plants! There’s no denying the addition of plants will help make the space a true sanctuary for relaxation.

On a different note, never overlook the benefits of keeping things simple. For instance, if you don’t want to worry about clutter, consider adding a simple storage rack for all your toiletries.
In addition, you can opt for a vintage wooden rack if you have a thing for vintage furniture. You can also make use of your tile change by installing mounted shelves.


Marbles would be a classy choice for any bathroom. If not, you can opt for two-toned tile combinations like blue and brown, green and magenta and yellow and pink. If you want to inject more art, you can look into having an entire wall tiled with large-scale paintings.

green bathroom

Taps and Fixtures

Dramatically reduce your water consumption (and bills!) by choosing water-efficient shower heads and taps. Picking the right ones however can be pretty tricky as there are a number of nice-looking fittings and fixtures that are only aesthetically appealing but do nothing in terms of water efficiency.

Narrow down your options by checking bathroom supplies that are found in the so-called ‘green section’ so you can easily pick cost-efficient alternatives.


Never underestimate the impact lights can make in achieving the bathroom of your dreams. In line with this, ensure you position them in areas where they are most needed.

In addtion, consider opening up a bigger portion of your wall to allow natural light to go in. Letting natural light in will also help prevent condensation build-up. Furthermore, choose mirrors that are big enough to reflect light.

Also, install glass shower doors instead of curtains to allow light to effortlessly pass through the shower area.

Bathroom renovation projects can be overpowering sans right preparation. However, it can be very fulfilling if you are able to strike the right balance between meeting your needs and getting your aesthetic preferences recognized. The key is to plan accordingly so your project will turn into a huge win instead of a costly disappoinntment.

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