4 Great Strategies For A Great Home Renovation Project

Great Strategies for a Great Home Renovation Project

Home owners are often unsure about how to find a great contractor for their home renovation project.   Engaging a reputable, experienced contractor is a high priority and critical to the success of the project.   From time to time I am contacted by a home owner who is in the midst of an awful experience with a home remodeler or contractor. For one reason or another their home renovation project has not gone as planned – this may be due to a poor contractor skills, unreliable work team, shoddy workmanship, disagreements related to the quality of work, disagreements related to money or a myriad of other reasons.

When I get this call I feel terrible for the homeowner that he/she is going through this and realize that unfortunately there are many reasons why a project may go bad – some due to the contractor and some due to the homeowner. Regardless of the reason it is important to assess how to resolve the situation and more importantly how to ensure it does not happen again.

A common reason that the project is not going as planned is that the home renovation project team and workers stop showing up to do the job. The reasons could be numerous, for example:

  • As most contractors are self-employed they often do not want to miss a project opportunity and therefore take on more than 1 project at a time therefore stretching their labour/work team resources.
  • The contractors may not be reliable or trustworthy.
  • At times a project may not finish on time due to things beyond the control of the homeowner and contractor (e.g. materials on backorder) and the work team needs to move on to another client project.
  • A client does not pay according to the agreed upon payment terms and the contractor stops the project until payment made.
  • The client makes requests beyond the scope of the project and wants them included in the project cost – this may result in a disagreement between the client and the contractor.

4 Great Strategies to Improve Your Success with Having A Great Home service agreementRenovation Project

  1. Homeowners need to properly research the contractor, read client reviews and check references. All great contractors will have numerous clients who are more than happy to speak with prospective clients and provide an honest reference.
  2. Use a site like Trusted Pros to get information on contractors. Trusted Pros is a site where homeowners can search for contractors and post their jobs for contractors to bid on. The site also provides annual awards in many categories (by region) to contractors to recognize those who provide great service. Creative Remodeling Solutions won this award for Best of 2013 Bathroom Remodelers in Mississauga.
  3. Get a quote with details of what is included in the cost and what is not included.
  4. Once you agree on the project cost ensure the contractor provides a service agreement that provides:
  • The scope of the project (including what the contractor will be responsible for and what the homeowner is responsible for);
  • the timelines;
  • the costs (what is included and what is not included);
  • any warranties on the work;
  • the deposit and payment structure;
  • contractor’s office address, HST number and evidence of professional liability insurance; and
  • space for homeowner and contractor to sign and date the agreement to show acceptance of the terms and conditions.

These strategies will help homeowners to have a great working relationship with their contractor and to have a successfully completed home renovation project.

I look forward to your comments and questions regarding these ideas.

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