17 Ideas for Low Cost Home Improvement Ideas

Low Cost Home Improvement Ideas are a Great Way to Improve the Value of your Home

As a real estate agent and owner of a home remodeling company in Mississauga I speak with home owners each week who are looking to do one of the following things:
a) Repair a problem in their home
b) Improve the look and usefulness of their home as they plan to stay there for many more years
c) Improve the value of their home as they are considering selling

This blog is about those people in group c) above; those homeowners who want to sell their home and of course, want to get the most money for it while investing the least of time and money on the improvements.

Assuming your home is in good condition (e.g. flooring, roof, driveway, walls) the following 14 things are great, low cost improvements that can be done to improve the value of your home and also will also make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Depending on how handy you are many of these improvements can be “DIY” (do it yourself). If you need help with these improvements the handyman services such as those offered by Creative Remodeling Solutions can also be used.

Here are 17 low cost home improvement ideas

bathroom renovation

  1. Change the external house light fixtures (front and back)
  2. Change the bathroom and kitchen faucets
  3. Paint a neutral colour – especially in the main floor living areas
  4. Change the kitchen and bathroom light fixtures
  5. Place a nice plant pot with flowers to add some colour to the entrance of your home
  6. Change the mailbox
  7. Change the front door hardware
  8. Change the handles on kitchen cupboards and drawers
  9. Clean the inside and outside of the windows
  10. Put down some topsoil on the front and back garden beds – it will make them look fresh and new
  11. Install new bathroom accessories – towel and toilet paper holders
  12. Seal the driveway – makes it look new
  13. Install dimmer switches on the bathroom, kitchen and hallway lights
  14. Put away all personal photos, papers and books – de-clutter (and don’t just put everything under the bed or in a closet as prospective buyers look there)
  15. Clean closets – remove out of season clothing and shoes/boots – this will make the closet appear larger
  16. Hang a few nice neutral pieces of art in the living room, family room, hallway
  17. Clean out and organize your fridge and cupboards – it will make it look like they are larger

With these relatively easy improvements you can make your home look newer, more attractive to potential buyers and improve its value!

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