Top 5 Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Improvements

Often your home’s bathrooms are only considered to be a necessity and at times is overlooked when it comes to updating.  Bathroom remodeling is sometimes seen as not worth the investment.   It is often heard that it is too expensive to remodel or renovate our bathroom.  You will be happy to know that regardless of the size, you do not have to fully remodel your bathroom in order to have a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

If you are considering selling your home in the next 1-3 years bathroom improvements are definitely worth the investment.  The BMO Home Renovation Report: Canadians Scale Back Plans for Spending in 2012 revealed that 35% of Canadian homeowners were planning to do a bathroom renovation and the stated that a bathroom remodel or updating will “also bring significant value to a home [with a] return of 65-120 percent”.

As cost and functionality are usually at the top of homeowners’ list of considerations when it comes to renovations the following are the top 5, most affordable bathroom improvements

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1.Replace the vanity

Depending on storage needs replacing your vanity with a pedestal sink or wall hung vanity will create both a real and perceived increase in space.  This is an ideal improvement for a small bathroom where space may be an issue.  A wall hung vanity allows clearance to the floor which gives the illusion of more space.  It also allows for an interesting design and is visually appealing.

 2. Replace the toilet

Replacing the toilet is an affordable and environmentally friendly bathroom improvement.  Installing a low flush, water saving toilet is important and some cities provide a rebate for purchasing a water efficient toilet.   Some key features to consider when replacing the toilet are:

  • A 1 piece or 2 piece toilet?   With a two-piece toilet the tank and bowl are separate and therefore is lighter, a consideration if you are carrying the toilet up a significant number of stairs.  Although heavier, a one-piece toilet is becoming a very common preference as it has a more modern design and is more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Toilet height:    Many homeowners are now selecting a ‘comfort height’ toilet.  This raised toilet allows you to sit ‘higher up’, at a more comfortable height.   A comfort height toilet is highly recommended for anyone who has hip, knee or back pain and also for seniors as it is easier to stand up from the higher height.
  • Toilet lid: an easy close lid is a great ‘nice to have’.  The lid closes slowly and quietly.

 3. Replace the sink faucet

Updating the bathroom sink faucet is one of the most affordable improvements to make.  Depending on your style and taste, a new faucet will cost $50-$500.  This change can instantly make the bathroom look and feel ‘new’.    A new faucet allows you to set the ‘look’ of the bathroom – a faucet can contribute to an antique style (copper or brass faucet) or to a contemporary style (chrome or brushed nickel faucet).  When updating your faucet be sure to consider the shape of the sink, the paint colour and the colour of the vanity and counter – the faucet is a great accessory to improve the look of your bathroom.

4. Replace the shower/tub faucet

Installing a new shower/tub faucet is just one more way to improve the look of your bathroom for a reasonable price.  Depending on your skills, this change may require a handyman or bathroom remodeler but the cost should still make the update affordable.   In addition to modernizing the look of the tub and shower another benefit of this faucet replacement is it should be efficient and water saving.

5. Improved lighting  Bathroom remodeling lighting

A great improvement for any bathroom is to install new light fixtures – new lighting will create an improved look and ambiance in your bathroom.  This is an affordable improvement as rarely does changing the light fixtures require a licensed electrician.   You may be able to do this on your own or you can contact a handyman.  To add value it is recommended that you install a pot light in the tub/shower area.  Also wall lights provide multi-directional lighting and are usually more visually appealing.

Together these five affordable bathroom improvements will add value to your home and also enable to you have a more modern and aesthetically pleasing bathroom without spending $1000’s on a full bathroom remodel.





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